all I really want is about 36 uninterrupted hours sleep, maybe a couple of straight days finally getting CUDA to work on my laptop and then about a weeks worth of hacking on stuff in a spa resort is that too much to ask

started writing a todo list for the day; in a towering act of symbolism the toddler wandered over, scribbled all over it then did a poo

feeling a deep, intergenerational connection to the ‘napping dad’ stereotype today

Baby slept through the night. We are literally dancing around the kitchen

I have spent the day with #2. HE has spent the day saying “hiya, hello” and waving to anything resembling a face: me, photos, telly, books etc. It is the cutest thing and my heart asplode

We are in the park. M is making a prison for an owl.

unpacking some of M’s old clothes now J is big enough to wear them. Having some Strong Dad Feelings, folks

"your life is laundry now" said K, looking me dead in the eyes as she handed over the basket on day 2 of this round of parental leave

sitting with M on his morning school call, watching him neatly mute and unmute himself as needed. He has excellent call etiquette, and he’s 5.

I have to travel at the weekend! And stay over! Alone!

cathartic to sit in the park for a bit and watch other people’s kids being absolutely feral, too

DADDY IS MADE OF MEAT! And muscles and bones and organs and nostrils.

dadding today has involved 200% more neat retrofitting of USB power sockets onto things than I was expecting.

a new game in my life: where's that smell of poo coming from?

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