@hhulbert real well! I nearly missed it - K went into hospital last night because she thought her waters miiiight have broken - they kept her in but didn’t actually believe she was in labour until the morning, at which point I got a call, legged it over and arrived about 30min before he was born! Speedy. Mum and baby doing fine, back home tomorrow.

@prehensile what a relief! What did you do with your eldest? I have a friend who is due next week and they're sending their 3yo to a friend while she's in labour, provided no one has any virus symptoms 😬 It's a logistical nightmare!

@hhulbert aye, it really is. he went to a neighbour's (with the same set of stipulations) during labour (which wasn't that long in the end), and another neighbour came over for the hour or so (and kept his distance) when I went to get them from the hospital. no visitors allowed on the postnatal ward, which at least removed that set of logistics!

@prehensile omg congratulations!!! Name, weight, etc? We need details!!

@liedra no name yet! Cannot remember important stats, except that he is a long boy, and a good weight. Mum and baby doing well - I got kicked out of the hospital when they moved to the postnatal ward, no visitors at all at the moment. They should be home tomorrow though!

@prehensile hooray! Glad everything went well. My boy was long and heavy (almost 10lb!) so I feel it!

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