@prehensile our printer is broken. Thinking of cancelling school for the day 🤔

@prehensile less than 2 weeks to go - counting down the days! How is double parenting?

@hhulbert ✊ double parenting is.. okay? Tiring, certainly. Hard, often. But okay? Also M is really into being a big brother, so that's lovely.

@prehensile had a tummy bug for 48hrs and feel awful now :(

@prehensile yes! Had a Covid test too because the app told me to. It wasn’t fun!

@liedra ach, that sounds RUBBISH. Glad you’re better now!

@prehensile turns out my stomach betrayed me. I’m still not better :( if I’m still crook by tomorrow morning I’m calling the gp :(

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