hope everyone’s doing okay. seems like many people are having a rough week ✊

the only good thing about PAW Patrol is that there’s a UK dub in which the voice acting is loads better and delivered in a delightful array of accents and now Netflix has taken even that away from me

@liedra such concentration all round! I think I may have to break the seal on ‘computer games with daddy’ this winter

Today marks the first Monday in about 3.5 years that won’t be an M + Daddy day! Many Big Dad Feelings.

@hhulbert @liedra @dadbod heh, my sister's not far from Leicester! Manchester for us, should everything work out.

@dadbod @hhulbert @liedra my family are inconsiderate enough to have not budged far out of the Midlands for generations 😑

@dadbod @hhulbert @liedra very sensible. I'm envious of my friends who're EU / dual citizens right now, or are sufficiently German / Irish etc to get a passport.

@hhulbert @dadbod yes! we'd been planning it for a while, but it's all been accelerated by The Virus. Nearer to family will be nice. As will not being in London 🙃

@hhulbert @dadbod (it's not as glum as I'm painting, we have very keen family to help out at the other end)

@hhulbert @dadbod yeah, all we need to do now is househunting in a different city under lockdown 😬

@hhulbert @dadbod he's pretty excited about it, so far. all his nursery friends are at choice #1, which helps (and is the main reason we chose to shift)

@dadbod in some ways, it's all quite a nice distraction from *everything else in 2020*

much drama here, yoghurthairians. M was offered a place at our first choice school at the end of last week. Which means he's been into the school we were originally allocated for one (1) day, and now starts school again tomorrow at choice #1

@dadbod I feel like we have all of these logistics to look forward to.

@dadbod ✊✊✊ for making it through the week, and glad A is into school

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