Today’s revelation: put a table in M’s room last night with paper, crayons and lego on it for when he woke up. Kept him busy until a civilised (post-7am) wake-up time!

“I know, let’s make paint for kids a thing” - an idiot

@frankieroberto it's a Bare Conductive kit, bought it from Tech Will Save Us. The nice thing is it's as much a craft project as an electronics project, and it's very simple. So M could get really involved with the making while I taught him about electronics on the sly. Recommended!

on the other hand, we had an ace time building this light-up model together this morning, so today is definitely winning on aggregate

M sees promo for "Mindful Garden" app on Cbeebies. M wants to try it out. Cue about an hour of finding a device it'll load on, followed by many stallings and crashings and whatnot. M becomes enraged. Point defeated.

@hhulbert @liedra oh yes, +1 for anbesol. we also may have had success with gripe water. there is light at the end of the tunnel! he only has finite teeth, for a start. ✊ ✊ ✊

@frankieroberto @dadbod @camyule they're reopening on June 15th (they think 1st is too early), and using their second site which has a big outdoor space.

@frankieroberto @dadbod @camyule our nursery just published a 17-page plan for phasing back, starting with the kids who're going to school in Sep.

@dadbod this is what happens when you let the internet name things

so, uhhhh, apropos of nothing at all... what are the best names people have ever heard for boylike children?

@hhulbert aye, it really is. he went to a neighbour's (with the same set of stipulations) during labour (which wasn't that long in the end), and another neighbour came over for the hour or so (and kept his distance) when I went to get them from the hospital. no visitors allowed on the postnatal ward, which at least removed that set of logistics!

@hhulbert real well! I nearly missed it - K went into hospital last night because she thought her waters miiiight have broken - they kept her in but didn’t actually believe she was in labour until the morning, at which point I got a call, legged it over and arrived about 30min before he was born! Speedy. Mum and baby doing fine, back home tomorrow.

@liedra no name yet! Cannot remember important stats, except that he is a long boy, and a good weight. Mum and baby doing well - I got kicked out of the hospital when they moved to the postnatal ward, no visitors at all at the moment. They should be home tomorrow though!

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