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Happy New Year, everyone! May 2019 bring sleep and harmony 💫

YOU ARE ALL MY SANDWICHES he says, standing on his chair

does not work when he wants to 'go in the darkness'

parenting techniques learned from game design, an occasional series: getting him to move from room to room by turning all the lights off except where I want him to go

very jolly day with this guy yesterday. the lion suit was his idea.

tired friends! I think we've started a nice thing here. might be even better with a few more faces around - maybe tell a few pals if you like it here too?

happy impending christmas to all, anyhow 🎄🎄🎄

10,000 parenting points to my partner, who yesterday managed to be suitably excited about M doing his first poo in potty while being quite Christmas-party-hungover.

took the side off M's cot tonight in preparation for a real bed. Wish us luck.

we did another week folks, all power to us! ✊✊✊

one of those days where you need to be all professional and do professional presenting and being all senior and that on about four hours sleep

does anyone have any good potty training wisdom? we're trying to train M at the moment and he is HAVING NONE OF IT

about to embark on four solid days of solo dadding, with a spicy extra layer of grandparent management. wish me luck, team.

ME: Would you like some yoghurt?
HE: No I want to sleep with common people like you

It's possible all those Jarvis videos are sinking in.

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