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M wrote his first bulleted list yesterday. Only one item, to help forgetful daddy remember what he’d promised for afters.

...aaand we're back! I thought that now a lot of us are at home with our small people, a place we can talk about that might be handy again.

Housebound, Day 29: M is mashing up a banana with a fruit juicer thingie in front of the telly. I am taming the kitchen.

mixed bag of conversation tonight.

on the one hand, we read a story about space and had a chat about how we get night and day because the earth is like a ball and spins round while we sleep.

on the other hand: "daddy i like my scrotum because it is hairy hahahaha"

already looking forward to going to bed tonight

welcome to the world of a feverish 3-year-old, where it seems the correct way to defuse a gathering tantrum and send him happily back to sleep is to draw him a picture of a napping dinosaur ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my partner is a wonderful genius and has figured out how to make M go to sleep at a reasonable time again and she is the best <3

This is new.
“Why aren’t you wearing any pants, mate?”

do you need a wee?


do you need a wee?


do you need a wee?



dreaming again of a holiday that is basically just a library with a crèche

M, pointing at puddle: I call these ‘wet chaps’

It’s a lovely day, so all the playgrounds are full of kids and we can’t go anywhere near them. We are the Flying Dutchman of pox.

achievement unlocked: doused in wee by a howling toddler while locked in a museum toilet cubicle together

I have discovered the inherent flaw in the 'do loads of stuff with him during the day so he'll sleep well' plan 💤

unexpected few hours by myself.

what I intended to do: read make stuff read some more catch up on correspondence do brain things

what I actually did: played a computer game and had a big nap

“Isn’t it a lovely day in the darkness” he says

absolute scenes here as M helps to construct his new big boy bed and then goes to sleep in it with no protests.

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