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hope everyone’s doing okay. seems like many people are having a rough week ✊

the only good thing about PAW Patrol is that there’s a UK dub in which the voice acting is loads better and delivered in a delightful array of accents and now Netflix has taken even that away from me

Today marks the first Monday in about 3.5 years that won’t be an M + Daddy day! Many Big Dad Feelings.

much drama here, yoghurthairians. M was offered a place at our first choice school at the end of last week. Which means he's been into the school we were originally allocated for one (1) day, and now starts school again tomorrow at choice #1

M is currently sulking because I wouldn’t agree with him that infinity plus one is bigger than infinity

We are playing being on holiday. M is an ice cream seller. He just sold me a vanilla ice cream, some icy blackcurrants and a sun destroyer, to destroy the sun.

today: leaving picnic for nursery
tomorrow: starting picnic for school

spent the last couple of evenings drinking wine and writing a greasemonkey script (and instructions) to help the nursery parents download all the photos from the nursery's online portal thing before our accounts get pulled on Friday

ME TODAY: oh man I am so tired is parenting always going to be like this forever woe is me

ALSO ME, NOT ENOUGH HOURS PREVIOUS: I really should go to bed but I’m finally starting to understand opencv

M has spent most of today doing Lego (and a bit of baking), so at least all that lockdown telly hasn’t completely destroyed his attention span 🙃

M is helping me put a fez on J. I think this is what we had in mind when we thought we’d make siblings?

Max had a haircut yesterday. I didn’t _say_ ‘make him look like a Goldsmiths undergraduate’, but here we are

me: I'm having a nice evening, the kids were asleep early, my brain isn't complete slurry today!

my brain: let's celebrate by installing another variety of linux on this laptop

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